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Q: When should I receive my new debit card because the old one is expiring?

A: A new debit card is mailed out in the middle of the month your card expires in. The card you have active is good until the last day of the month it expires in.

Q: Why does my account balance and available show different balances?

A: If your account is showing different balances it could be from outstanding authorizations pending from using your debit card or a check hold that was deposited.

Q. I tried to contact staff on social media or text about my account, Why didn’t someone message me back?

A. Staff is not permitted respond to these messages because they are not secure sites. It is best to call the office during normal office hours. Staff is not always on social media or by their phone and may not be somewhere where they have access to look up your account.

Q: What is the routing number?

A. The Credit Union Routing number is 251983675 and can also be found at the bottom of your checks.